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Tackle Rugby

Alexandria Rugby holds tackle rugby programs for children in grades 5 thru 8.

  • The health and safety of all participants is our foremost priority.  All coaches receive concussion awareness training from USA Rugby, and all players will undergo standard concussion screening protocol in all cases of head injury at training sessions or in matches by properly trained Alexandria Rugby staff.
  • The players also go through intensive training to learn how to tackle properly and safely.  The increased awareness of concussions in sports has been a welcomed development and one of them is football teams are increasingly looking to rugby coaches to teach "rugby" tackling, which has been recognized as a safer form of tackling.
  • All players are also expected to receive a pre-season sports physical from a qualified medical professional.  Parents are expected to share the results of the physical with the coaches and administrators of the team.

Seasons:  Like tag, there are three seasons of tackle rugby, though the tackle players play two different versions of the game. 

Fall Fun League:  This is a great way to come and try out the game and meet the other families and see how much fun the kids and parents have at Alexandria Rugby events.  These run on Sunday afternoon from middle of September to middle of November.  We will usually get together for an afternoon or two with other local clubs to have some fun scrimmages. 

Spring League:  This is when we play 15s.  It starts in early February and goes till mid-May. 

  • Youth Boys Tackle = 5th and 6th grades
  • Middle School Boys = 7th and 8th grades

Summer League:  During the summer we play Sevens, which is a faster version of 15s rugby. 

  • Youth Boys Tackle = 5th and 6th grades
  • Middle School Boys = 7th and 8th grades
Equipment & Uniforms
  • All players will receive a jersey, game shorts and socks with their registration. Players are expected to purchase their own mouth guards, boots (cleats) and proper training clothing (rugby shorts, sturdy shirts/jerseys), which is required for all training sessions.
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